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Do you know how to work Google?

On the Unqualified Reservations blog, Mencius Moldbug discusses why he thinks that Wolfram Alpha is a missed opportunity. His primary comparison is with the simplicity of the Google 'user interface' but CalcResult takes things one step further: where Google uses a single text-entry box for all possible queries, CalcResult shows exactly the right number of fields for the job you want to do, so everyone instinctively knows what information is required to complete the task.

Seriously though, do you have any idea how many features there are in Google? There was probably a new feature released this week, but you are never going to find out, or if you do, you are unlikely to remember about it, because Google has to guess what you want to do, whereas on CalcResult every tool is specifically designed for just one task, and is therefore able to do it well.

Throw away all of your 'dumb' calculators!

Yes, I know that your computer has a calculator built in, but that's not what this site is about. Have a browse through the Main Menu / Site-map and you'll soon see the difference.

This problem has been noted in the past, for example Prof. Harold Thimbleby describes at length the need for A new calculator and why it is necessary, though his conclusion misses a fundamental issue: the lack of validation of formulae that are entered. This is not a problem restricted to hand-held calculators either - an Excel 2007 Bug has been widely reported, and follows on from a sorting bug, a recalculation bug and many others.

Most of you will have an electronic calculator around somewhere, but I bet that there is at least one button on it that you have never used, and probably don't know what it is for. Maybe it is one of the expensive programmable types that let you do really complex calculations. But you need to know how to work it properly, and no-one ever has the time to do that when you just want a couple of answers. Even if you know everything about your calculator, then you still need to know the calculation - if you can find the right formula then it will be the wrong way round, and once you've worked that out you need to convert all of the units.

Whenever you need to do any calculation just come here and you will find the formula and the calculator together, integrated with unit conversions, so that you won't make mistakes, and with a record of your calculations too.

If you can't find the calculator that you are looking for, but you know the formula, then go to our Generic Calculator or the more powerful Universal Calculator, where you can plug in any formula you like. If you want to be able to do the calculation again, then why not let us know, and we'll create a calculator page just for you!

CalcResult & 'Web 2.0'

In the 'Web 2.0' world, 'User Generated Content' (UGC) is all the rage. But here at CalcResult, instead of grainy videos and dodgy comments, users can freely generate meaningful data for their own personal or business use. Rather than wasting time online, CalcResult helps you to save time, by making your online calculations quicker and more accurate, and consequently making dependant projects more reliable, all for free. Time is money, but calculations online need not be Rocket Science: a mathematical degree is not needed to understand any of the calculators on this site.

Many 'Online Applications' are labelled as 'Beta' (incomplete or not fully tested) software, even after long periods of availability. CalcResult is proud that it has never hidden behind such a label: all but one of the calculators, generators and tools on this site have been tested by hand before release.

Technical Details

As far as possible, this site conforms to the various HTML, CSS, ECMAscript & other relevant standards. By doing so, the intention is to provide compatibility with the maximum possible variety of browsers.
This site's builders do not rely on "best viewed with <some browser>" as an excuse, (unlike some others …)


If you are looking for Financial advice then many Banks & Building Societies will give you access to an online payment calculator tied to the particular mortgage or home loan interest rate on offer, which takes into account the exact compound interest rate, terms & conditions, and local tax rules of those offers, which is why this site does not attempt to replicate them. This site does give you access to calculators that you won't find anywhere else, unlike the millions of sites that provide an online 'push-button' calculator that looks and acts exactly like a pocket calculator, and like the one that is almost certainly provided as an integral part of the computer you are using right now, on your mobile phone and on PDA's.

If you are a weight-watcher or are worried that you may be anorexic, try looking for a body-mass-index (BMI) calculator, try using the Google search boxes provided throughout this site, as there are thousands of body fat calculators online already, and therefore not a priority for CalcResult.

Many of the calculators, generators and converters on this site take away the need for you to carry out Algebra on a standard algebraic calculator, by allowing you to add and subtract the results of one calculation from those of the next, and like the rest of the task, this can be done without needing to understand the complexities of the formula or equation for that tool.

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