CalcResult - Issue List


This page lists the issues that have so far been identified with any of the calculators on this site.

Issue Number: 2008-01

computing/web/colour-scheme.html Results not appearing at all.

Affected Browsers: FireFox version 3 on Windows XP Pro

Severity: Medium.

Issue Number: 2007-03

finance/calculator.html Result area not formatted correctly, initially. (Appears correct after context menu displayed.)

Affected Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 on Windows 2000

Severity: minor.

Issue Number: 2007-02

finance/calculator.html Result area context menu not working.

Affected Browsers: Safari 2 on Mac OSX 10.3.9

Severity: Medium.

Issue Number: 2007-01

maths/3d_geometry/rectangular.html displaying unnecessary debug information.

Severity: minor.

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