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Hexadecimal (Hex)
A numbering system using a base of 16, which uses the numbers 0 through 9 plus letters A to F to represent the 16 possible digits.
Hex Colour
As used in HTML / CSS, this uses three pairs of Hexadecimal digits to represent the 256 possible values each, of Red, Blue & Green components of a colour.
Hyper Text Markup Language; the syntax / language used to write most documents on the internet.
Cascading Style Sheets; the syntax / language used to describe how an HTML document should be presented to the user.



  1. Fill in both of the first two boxes, with the value of the colours at either end of your gradient. It doesn't matter which way round they go, or whether the colour is in decimal format, hex format, or even hex shorthand.
  2. Choose the number of individual colour steps that you require. This needs to be three or greater to be useful.
  3. Click the 'CalcResult' button below the input fields
  4. A 'Results Area' will be displayed below, containing a list of hex colour values.
  5. To do further calculations simply change the values in the input fields and click the 'CalcResult' button again. (Press the 'Clear Form' button if you want to empty all of the input fields.)
  6. Press the 'Clear Results' button if you wish to discard the first results, otherwise further calculations will be added into the same area.
  7. Click the 'CalcResult' button again
  8. Click the 'Print Results' button to display all current results in a new, printable window.


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