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This page allows you to input the length and width of a room, and calculates the quantity of flooring that will be needed, for a variety of standard sizes. An allowance is made for using the offcuts from each section, and a small allowance is made for wastage.
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Length / Width
The furthest distance between opposite sides of the area to be covered. Width should be measured across the joists, Length should be measured along the joists. Since measurements in across each board need to be rounded up to the nearest board, results may be slightly different if these dimensions are swapped.
Board Size
The nominal size of the boards to be used. Tongue and groove edging (if present) means that this will not be the same as the overall board size. Pack sizes are also quoted here, but results will be given in both number of packs and number of boards, so if the quantity in each pack differs at your local source this will not be a problem.
Pack Size
Results will be given in both number of packs and number of boards, giving you the most cost-effective combination. If the boards are not available as a pack then change this to 'None'.
Board Price
Enter the pack and board prices (if known) and a project price will also be calculated.



  1. Fill in the length and width boxes with the measurements of your floor
  2. Choose the correct units for both 'input' fields. You do not need to use the same units as the boards are measured with, or the same units for width as length - all necessary conversions will be done for you.
  3. Select the size of board that you intend to use
  4. Fill in the pack price, if known
  5. Click the 'CalcResult' button below the input fields
  6. A 'Results Area' will be displayed below.
  7. All known values will be shown, along with all calculated values.
  8. If you are trying to floor a complex area, split the job into rectangular sections, and input the values separately; a total will then be given.
  9. To do further calculations simply change any values in the input fields and click the 'CalcResult' button again. (Press the 'Clear Form' button if you want to empty all of the input fields.)
  10. Press the 'Clear Results' button if you wish to discard the first results, otherwise further calculations will be added into the same area.
  11. Click the 'CalcResult' button again
  12. Click the 'Print Results' button to display all current results in a new, printable window.
Joist and floorboards diagram
Joist and floorboards diagram
Floor Dimensions
Board edge type
Board Details
Pack Details
Fixing Details


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