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This page allows you to easily convert one type of number, into any other base (up to and including base36). For example, you can convert binary into the "normal" decimal system, octal into hexadecimal, or any other combination. You can enter numbers one at a time, or in bulk as a list - you can put one number on each line, or seperate them with spaces, commas or many other non-mumeric characters.
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Base2, known as Binary, only makes use of the digits one and zero, and is the main system used by computers. Base 10 is better known as Decimal, and is the normal way of counting for most people. Base 16 makes it easier to read a Binary number, and uses the letters A through to F to represent digits greater than 9. (Both capital letters and lower case have the same meaning.) Base 36 uses all 26 letters of the English alphabet, and is therefore the largest base that can exist with only one character per digit, hence the limit to this calculator.


  1. Enter a number into the text-box labelled 'Input:', either one at a time, or as a list
  2. Choose the base of your number from the drop-down list labelled 'Input Base:'
  3. Choose the base to convert to, from the drop-down list labelled 'Output Base:'
  4. Press the 'Convert' button
  5. Click the spanner icon next to any entry to Alter or Remove that value
  6. Press the 'Clear Results' button if you wish to discard the current results list, otherwise further amounts will be added to the same total.
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