Hex-Pair Cypher Encoder/Decoder


Hex-Pair encoding is closely related to both Base-64 Encoding and Hexadecimal encoding. Unlike Hexadecimal, no digits are used, only alphabetic characters.
Each character of the original text gets converted into a number based on its ASCII / Unicode code-point.
That number then gets converted back into a pair of letters, which for convenience is seperated by a space.
This process is similar, though not identical, to the cryptographic process known as "fractionation", and should also be compared with the process of creating a "digraph".


  1. Type, or Copy-and-Paste the text to be encrypted / decrypted into the text box below.
  2. Click the 'Encrypt/Decrypt' button below the input fields.
  3. The converted text will be displayed below.
  4. To do further encryptions / decryptions simply change the text in the input field, and then click the 'Encrypt' or 'Decrypt' button again.
Enter text to be encrypted / decrypted here:
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