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This page allows you to encode and decode text that has been encrypted with the 'Text Mirroring' cypher. In modern times this does not provide the security of cod systems like RSA or DES, but was commonly used in ancient times, and is still fun today.
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The difference in position between each encrypted and un-encrypted character.



  1. Type, or Copy-and-Paste the text to be encrypted where indicated.
  2. Choose the offset to be used this time.
  3. If you intend to send the encrypted text to someone else, make a note of the offset, as they won't find it easy to decrypt the text without it.
  4. Click the 'Encrypt' button below the input field.
  5. The encrypted text will be displayed below, along with a button to decrypt the text.
  6. If you wish to demonstrate the importance of knowing the offset, then change it to a different number before decrypting, and you will note that the output remains unintelligible.
  7. To do further encryptions simply change the text in the input field, optionally change the offset, and then click the 'Encrypt' button again.
Enter text to be encrypted here:
Encrypted Text:

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