Pendulum Cypher Encoder/Decoder


Pendulum encoding is not the most secure of cyphers, but is fun for use in puzzle books and the like.
Each character of the original text gets moved alternately to the front, then to the back of the output.
Decoding is a simple matter of finding the centre, then taking adjacent letters from either side, again alternating from side to side, just like a pendulum.


  1. Type, or Copy-and-Paste the text to be encrypted / decrypted into the text box below.
  2. Click the 'Encrypt/Decrypt' button below the input fields.
  3. The converted text will be displayed below.
  4. To do further encryptions / decryptions simply change the text in the input field, and then click the 'Encrypt' or 'Decrypt' button again.
  5. If your text was encoded on a different system, it may 'swing' to the right rather than the left, as this one does, so try the "Decrypt - Right" button if your first attempt doesn't look right!
Enter text to be encrypted / decrypted here:
Output Area:

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