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This page allows you to easily keep a record of scores on a standard 10-ring Archery target, or for any size that uses the FITA / Olympic scoring, for as many arrows as you have, for as many ends as you shoot, and for all archers shooting, or just for yourself.
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Archery in the UK usually consists of three to six arrows shot by each archer, before being scored and retrieved. Each of these 'mini sessions' is known as an 'End'.


No relevant Formulae to list.


  1. Enter each Archers name into the text-box labelled 'Archers Names:', either one at a time, or as a list
  2. Press the 'Add Names' button
  3. If necessary, repeat the first two steps until all names have been added. They need not be in shooting order.
  4. Click the 'Start Scoring' button and all names will appear in a list just below.
  5. Choose the correct name from the list, for the first Archer to be scored.
  6. Select the appropriate score/colour from the next list, then click the 'Record This Score' button.
  7. Repeat the last two steps until all arrows for the first Archer have been scored.
  8. Select the next Archer's name from the list, or click the 'Next Archer' button to simply pick the next name in the list.
  9. Once all scores for this end have been recorded, click the 'Save This End' button.
  10. After the final End, click the 'Final Score' button to show a total score for all archers.

Now Scoring End Number: 1


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