Adjustable Analogue Clock


Ever thought that there were too many hours in the day?
Ever wished that the minute hand would move round a bit faster?
Want a clock that is really easy for you to read, but will puzzle everyone else?
This clock solves all that.


  1. Click 'Show Config' then alter whatever settings you like.
  2. Click the yellow-highlighted 'Update Clock' button.
  3. Sit back and watch. Click just outside the clock to make it full-screen, if you like.
  4. If "Number of Numerals" is greater than 12, (in the 'Hours' section,) then the clock will run in 24-hour mode.
  5. If the clock is hidden for a while, it may lose track of time, but will catch up again - first the minutes hand, and then the hours hand will tick round until they are correct.




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