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Latest Calculators

Have you ever wanted more than one birthday, like the Queen? Well, wonder no more - find your Next, Half & Quarter Birthdays with this simple calculator.

With the intoduction of "The Hundred" with 5-ball sets, cricket statistics have just got more complex! Some of the statistics used in any form of Cricket can be confusing at first glance, and are described differently depending on whether you are talking about the bowler, the batsman, or the team as a whole. The new "The Hundred" run rate calculator automatically converts between three of the commonest 'run rate' measures.

Some of the statistics used in Cricket can be confusing at first glance, and are described differently depending on the context. The Cricket Run Rate Calculator automatically converts between three of the commonest statistics.

Investigate the elements of the 'Lucas Series' (a close relative of the classic Fibonacci series) with the new Lucas Series Generator.
One outstanding feature of both series, is that the difference between each result and the next, gets infinitely close to "The Golden Ratio", often denoted by the Greek Letter Phi: φ

The Semi-Circle Dimensions calculator can help you with the surprisingly tricky task of dealing with the size of this common shape.

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Latest News

The Times Tables Generator has had a minor update, to display multiple tables side-by-side, so you can print as many as will fit on a page. Teachers and parents that are home-schooling will find these tables useful for themselves and for their students. This tool is not just for kids, though - generate multiplication tables for larger numbers such as 16 or 24 for special purposes.

The Target Archery reference, naturally enough a part of the Reference section, has been updated with some recent changes by Archery GB. This page details the distances, faces & number of arrows shot for over eighty different FITA or Imperial rounds, and diagrams of the six most common target faces.

Put time under YOUR control with the new Adjustable Analog Clock allows you to choose how many hours and/or minutes you want to display, on a classic round face. Time will pass much faster when the minute rotates twice every hour, and your working day will be much happier with a clock that shows seventeen hour markers - or maybe you prefer just six?

The Year Planner / Weekly Rota calendar-building tool has had further updates, including improvements to the 'save for later' function; one to allow you to choose how long your planner last for; and whether to display in a vertical or horizontal direction. This scheduling tool is quite powerful already, but there is more to come over time.

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Newest Numeric Tool

For those who are home-schooling, or need to revise their multiplication tables, we now have a Times Table Generator so you can create printable tables of any size you like - how well do you know the 99-times table?

The Every-Purpose calculator, that can calculate all text formulae has had another update, allowing you to update equations even after the first calculation is complete, so you can easily investigate the effects of changes, or correct mistakes.

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