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A Google-maps mashup has been added to the Astronomy, Space & Rocket Science menu page, that dynamically displays the location over the earth of either the International Space Station (ISS) or the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV).


No April Fool's joke here; just another nine new personally tested links.


The Key-Code convertion utility has been updated with a context menu to allow modification of the results list.


The CalcResult Privacy & Legal Statements have now been published.


All previous News Items have been moved to the News Archive

New Tools & Calculators


Generate an (almost) infinite number of items in any Simple Geometric Series using either one of two ways of defining the mathematical sequence. This can be used to demonstrate the ancient 'Grains of rice on a chessboard' fable, and many other applications.


Generate an (almost) infinite number of items in any Arithmetic Series, using either one of two ways of defining the mathematical sequence. This has applications as diverse as School Homework, to setting up fence posts.


Display character codes in a variety of formats including URL-escaped, HTML entities, or UTF encode with the Key-Code converter.


Try out your CSS ideas in an interactive sandbox on this Web-page Colour Scheme demonstrator and get an instant rendition of your new HTML make-over.


A list of power-tool Manufacturer and Supplier help-lines has been added to the DIY and Construction section.


The first utility function is now available: you can now generate a globally-unique ID (GUID) with a single click. This same function is used behind the scenes on this site, and others, to generate error codes that can be used not only to identify the exact error, but also the correct application - all too often I have found myself chasing issues in the wrong module or application due to confused users. This is not truly a calculator, but all programmers will find this useful in the long run.

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