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A 'Guestbook' script has been set up for you to leave any constructive criticism that you have.


As a result of excessive spamming, it has been necesary to replace the support forum with this section. To report problems, or request new features/calculators, please email:


Fixed problems with the VAT calculator caused by re-development of common functions for the Chipboard flooring calculator.

New Calculators


Frequency, Wavelength, Period Calculator Useful for radio antenna design, and almost any other problem that involves oscillation, (with the exception of a pendulum.)


Ohm's Law calculator: D.C. voltage, current, resistance & power integrated into a single calculation.


For all of you Web Developers / Designers out there, I have created a colour gradient calculator.
If you need a smooth transition from one colour to another in HTML/CSS, then however many steps you need, this will work out what each colour should be, and should accept any input format, including
decimal: 255,255,255
Full Hex: #FFCC99
or Hex shorthand: #FC9


A new calculator to work out all of the dimensions of a simple circle can now be found in the Maths> 2-Dimensional Geometry section. This can be used for any situation, whether it is children's homework, or working out how much turf is required for a circular lawn.


The Chipboard flooring calculator is now finished and available - next time you want to lay some flooring, come here first and you can work out exactly how much you need to buy: no unnecessary waste, and no repeat visits to the DIY store.

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