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Not sure which calculator to use? A newMeasurement Cross-Reference lets you see which calculators make use of whatever quantity you have.


Three new Unicode Character references have been added:A Numerical list of Unicode Characters, An Alphabetical list of Unicode Character Names, and aGraphical list of Unicode Characters.
If using a slow connection, or old computer, use the Graphical List which is a smaller file, and renders faster than the larger numerical character list.


The Periodic Table has been updated to improve the visual formatting.


The VAT / Purchase / Sales Tax calculator has been updated to remove an issue with the context menu (accessed by clicking on the 'spanner' symbol) that had prevented it from operating correctly in some circumstances.


The Draughts Puzzle has been updated so that the animation effects work better with modern browsers.


The VAT / Purchase / Sales Tax calculator has been updated to include the forthcoming 18% rate as a standard rate, in addition to the current 15% and 5% rates, and the old 17.5% rate.

New Tools & Calculators


A new Palindrome Checker gives you a simple way to check whether or not a word, phrase or complete sentence is Palindromic.


Calculate any size Factorial Number, displayed as either a simple series or as a nicely formatted, numbered list.


Keep an eye on the time, with the new Simple Sliding Clock and the Full-Screen Sliding Clock.


The Totalising Calculator with Labels provides an update on the Simple Totalising Calculator by allowing you to add a textual label for each item on your list. This allows you to build itemised lists, such as a 'bill of materials', with all items editable at all times.


The Simple Totalising Calculator allows you to quickly and easily add up a list of numbers. Unlike any 'normal' calculator, you can then see the same list displayed on screen, and can edit any errors that you then discover, with the total instantly updated.


Generate a list of Prime Numbers. Prime Numbers are critical to many cryptographic algorithms, various other mathematical curiosities.

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