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The list of power-tool Manufacturer and Supplier help-lines (in the DIY and Construction section) has been updated with nearly fifty new telephone numbers and links to forty official web-sites.


The Periodic Table of the Elements has been updated so that it can now be printed out without being clipped, though it still needs to be printed in 'landscape format' to fit.


Two visitors to the site noticed that there was an issue with the Factorial Number Generator which meant that all numbers greater than 13! were incorrect. This has now been resolved.


An issue with the Electromagnetic-Spectrum Chart on some versions of Internet Explorer has been resolved. This bug had prevented the detail sections from expanding to show their additional information.


Happy New Year to you all, from all of us at CalcResult.


Not sure which calculator to use? A new Measurement Cross-Reference lets you see which calculators make use of whatever quantity you have.

New Tools & Calculators


The new Elapsed Time Recorder acts as a standard stop-watch. A record is kept of every time that the recorder is started and stopped, along with Lap or Split times.


The Freefall Ballistics calculator allows simple ballistical calculations of time, distance, speed and acceleration, involving objects falling (or that have been thrown upward). Presets are supplied for values of Gravity all over Earth, plus values for Earth's moon and other planets.


A new Electromagnetic-Spectrum Chart has been created within the Reference Information section. The chart expands and contracts as required to show the relationships (in both frequency and wavelength) between the different kinds of electromagnetic waves over the entire spectrum, from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays.


The VAT / Purchase / Sales Tax calculator has been updated to show 17.5% as the UK standard rate again. This calculator can be used to add or remove VAT at either the old or new rates, to allow you to calcuate correct retail or wholesale prices.

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