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Look out for 'Google +1' buttons currently being rolled out across the site.

All calculators now print out more efficiently, saving both paper and ink!

New Tools & Calculators

The new Archery Scorecard allows you to keep a record of Archery scores for any number of archers, over as many ends as you care to shoot. This calculator automatically calculates a score for each end, then calculates the overall score, and ranks the archers based on their score, including ranking dead-heats by the number of 'hits' achieved.

The All-Purpose calculator, that can calculate any formula has had a bit of a face-lift - more to follow soon.

The new Number Base Convertor changes a Binary, Octal or Hexadecimal number, or a number in any base no larger than 36 into the Decimal number system or any other base.

The new Countdown Clock allows you to set a date, time or duration to monitor and let you know when the interval has completed.

The new Vernam's Cypher Machine allows you to encrypt or decrypt text with this classic cryptographic tool.

The new Averaging Calculator allows you to easily add up a series of either positive or negative amounts or quantities. Each amount is recorded in a list, allowing you to easily see and edit any errors at any point. This calculator automatically calculates basic statistical data: the Total plus all three kinds of average: mean, median and mode, and allows input of CSV data, or Tab, space or [return] seperated lists of numbers.

The VAT / Purchase / Sales Tax calculator has been updated to include the new 20% UK standard rate. This calculator can be used to add or remove VAT at either the old or new rates, to allow you to calcuate correct retail or wholesale prices.

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