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For those who are home-schooling, or need to revise their multiplication tables, we now have aTimes Table Generator so you can create printable tables of any size you like - how well do you know the 99-times table?

The Periodic Table in the Chemistry reference section has had another update - this time adding in "Atomic Weights" (for those elements where it is known precisely).

New Tools & Calculators

Investigate the elements of the 'Lucas Series' (a close relative of the classic Fibonacci series) with the new Lucas Series Generator.
One outstanding feature of both series, is that the difference between each result and the next, gets infinitely close to "The Golden Ratio", often denoted by the Greek Letter Phi: φ

If you are interested in the fundamentals of secret codes and cyphers then try out the latest new tool on the site, which lets you Convert to or from ASCII / Unicode Character Codes either as Decimal, Hex or Binary.
This is also a really useful tool if you wish to write a geeky hidden message, such as the "binary scarf" belonging to Matt Parker.

The Year Planner / Weekly Rota calendar-building tool has had further updates, including improvements to the 'save for later' function; one to allow you to choose how long your planner last for; and whether to display in a vertical or horizontal direction. This scheduling tool is quite powerful already, but there is more to come over time.

The Semi-Circle Dimensions calculator can help you with the surprisingly tricky task of dealing with the size of this common shape.

Interested in codes and cyphers? Then try out the Hex-Pair Cypher encoder and decoder tool.

Interested in codes and cyphers? Then try out the Pendulum Cypher encoding and decoding tool.

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